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Foodborne illness is nearly 100% preventable if food is handled safely from the time it is received until the time it is served. Restaurant and Convenient Store Managers can be proactive in preventing foodborne illness by having a food safety plan and training program for their associates to follow.

What is Foodborne Illness?

Foodborne illness is caused by eating contaminated food. Each year in the U.S. about 76 million people get foodborne illness and 5,000 die as a result. This means that this year alone about 1 in every 4 Americans will get foodborne illness.

What causes Foodborne illness?

Foodborne illness occurs when food is contaminated. Contaminated food contains hazards that are either naturally present or they were introduced when a worker does not handle food safely. There are three types of hazards—biological, chemical, and physical.
• Biological hazards—bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, poisonous plants, and fish that carry harmful poisons.
• Chemical hazards—pesticides, food additives, preservatives, cleaning supplies not used properly, and toxic metals
• Physical hazards—items that accidently get into food, such as hair, dirt, metal staples, and broken glass, as well as naturally occurring objects, such as bones.

The Cleanworks Food Safety program was developed to aid Food service operators with Food Safety support, Professional Training and a Best in Class Cleaning supply system to help Restaurant and C-Store managers/Associates consistently deliver a Safe, Clean and Sanitary environment for their customers to shop/dine in. Contact us today to learn more at 1-800-527-5722;

Food Safety Training and Education:

Cleanworks takes great pride in its ongoing training and education. H.G. Wells said “…Human History becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe…” Cleanworks is committed to providing the education and training to ensure all of our employees are empowered and put in situations in which they can be successful. Our managers are very knowledgeable in food codes, prevention of foodborne illness, proper sanitation procedures and technical ability. Furthermore, their performance is regularly monitored, and training is updated by our expert staff of Registered Sanitarians and Industry experienced Food Safety Managers. Our goal will be to act as another set of eyes as an extension of your operational support team.

Food Safety Solutions:

Cleanworks will develop a daily food safety Check list tailored to prevent potential sanitation and Food Safety issues which may cause a food-borne illness outbreak in any of our client locations. This Check List will address any Food Safety issue unique to stores with prepared food, thus protecting employees, customers, stores and your brand name. This consistent approach will significantly strengthen store sanitation programs, identifying potential problems and allowing for the proper action plan to find solutions to the problems.

Third Party Audits; A Third party audit provides a validation of present Food Safety and Sanitation programs by an independent source. Store Managers are given” another set of eyes” to alert them of potential Food Safety issues in their stores. Surveys have shown that third party audits routinely achieved up to 40% reduction in control violations at store level. Repeat violations have been reduced by up to 50%. Third party audits customarily see the store through the eyes of the customer thus alerting the management team to issues which they may routinely walk by on a daily basis.

Cleanworks® Food Safety Journal
This newsletter focuses on the following: Sanitation topics; Regulatory issues; General housekeeping tips training for a clean and sanitary establishment; Updates on new laws relating to food safety issues and general discussions regarding the benefits of good sanitation; The impact it has on profits and safety in convenience stores; Quick serve restaurants; Casual dining restaurants and supermarkets.

Monthly Cleanworks® Inspection Insight
The Cleanworks® Inspection Insight is a monthly report detailing actual deficiencies found by local health inspectors in retail outlets like C-Stores & QSR’s throughout the US. The Cleanworks® Inspection Insight will detail the deficiency with suggested corrective action steps to take to minimize deficiencies recurrence.

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