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Convenience Store & Quick Serve Restaurant System

Core Food Prep Surfaces Item Code Per Pack Dosing Method
Dosing Pump Squeeze N Pour VIP Venturi Induced Proportioning *Shot Works *Tear-N-Pour Packets
5 #50 Food Service Sanitizer – Use on food contact surfaces of equipment and utensils L50351 6/1 ltr +
L50A91 4/4 ltr +
L50A9D 4/4 ltr +
100/1 oz +
6a #51 Ultra Concentrated Pot and Pan Detergent – A super concentrated premium dish detergent that cuts through the most stubborn grease. L51351 6/1 ltr +
L51A91 4/4 ltr +
L51A9D 4/4 ltr +
100/2 oz +
6b #52 Institutional Dish Detergent – Long lasting detergent action and suds. Gentle to hands. L52351 6/1 ltr +
L52A91 4/4 ltr +
L52A9D 4/4 ltr +
100/2 oz +
Food Prep Surfaces Item Code Per Pack          
#58 Tea/Coffee Urn – Removes stains and descales a wide range of coffee and tea equipment. L58911 4/5 lb  
#59 Roller Grill Cleaner – Engineered to rapidly penetrate, emulsify and suspend grease and heavy soil. Includes Sprayer. L5960 6/1qt
#60 Oven and Griddle Cleaner – Provides excellent cleaning ability for the removal of baked on food accumulation. Includes Sprayer. L6060 6/1qt
Outdoor Products Item Code Per Pack          
#63 Parking Lot Cleaner – Will penetrate and emulsify dirt, grease, and oil from concrete surfaces. L63281 4/1 gal  
L63191 5 gal pail
#64 ParCrete (Waterless Concrete Cleaner) – Penetrates deep into pours of the concrete and encapsulates petroleum stains. Bio-organic enzymes break down and consume the stain. L64071 30 lb pail

Six Core Formulas!

Core Housekeeping Products Item Code Per Pack Dosing Method
Dosing Pump Squeeze N Pour VIP Venturi Induced Proportioning *Shot Works *Tear-N-Pour Packets
1 #53 Glass and Surface Cleaner – Superior concentrated nonammoniated glass cleaner. Instantly cuts through grease, dirt and film. L53351 6/1 ltr +
L53L2D 2/2 ltr +
L53A91 4/4 ltr +
100/1 oz +
2 #54 Restroom Disinfectant Cleaner – Hospital grade quaternary ammonia based formula that cleans, disinfects and deodorizes hard surfaces. L54351 6/1 ltr +
L54L2D 2/2 ltr +
L54A91 4/4 ltr +
100/.05 oz +
3 #55 All Purpose Cleaner – Removes tough grease and dirt accumulation. Deodorizes room as it cleans with a pleasant lemon fragrance. L55351 6/1 ltr +
L55L2D 2/2 ltr +
L55A91 4/4 ltr +
100/1 oz +
4a #56 Neutral Floor Cleaner – Formulated to emulsify and suspend dirt and soil without harming the gloss of a floor finish. L56351 6/1 ltr +
L56A91 4/4 ltr +
L56A9D 4/4 ltr +
100/2 oz +
4b #57 Quarry Tile Floor Cleaner – Penetrates and suspends embedded soil in tiles and grout lines for thorough removal. L57351 6/1 ltr +
L57A91 4/4 ltr +
L57A9D 4/4 ltr +
100/2 oz +
Housekeeping Products Item Code Per Pack  
#61 Stainless Steel Cleaner – Oil based formula that will clean and polish stainless steel surfaces. Includes Sprayer. L6160 6/1qt  
#65 Heavy Duty Degreaser – Superior D’limonene product that will dissolve and emulsify soils of all types. Includes Sprayer. L6560 6/1qt
#66 Enzyme Drain Maintainer – Live bacteria designed to clean and instant deodorization of drain lines and grease traps. L6660 6/1qt
Washroom Products Item Code Per Pack  
#62 Bowl Cleaner – 14% phosphoric acid that removes stains, hard water deposits and rust. L6260 6/1qt  
Cleanworks® Foaming Hand Soap (Coming Soon)   4/1000mL  
Cleanworks® Foaming Hand Sanitizer (Coming Soon)   4/1000mL  

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